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Senior Men: Gold - Darian KAPTICH

Junior Women: Silver - Sienna KACZMARCZYK

Senior Women: Silver - Emily-Jean KELLY

Senior Women: Bronze - Felicity SMYTH

Junior Women SP: Bronze - Sienna KACZMARCZYK

Advanced Novice Women: Bronze - Shuri TOMIHARA 

Adult Silver Women: Gold - Courtney MACKAY

Adult Gold Women: Silver - Makenzie MOOR

Adult Masters Women: Gold - Emily PHILLIPS

Adult Elite Masters Women - Jessica ROTONDO

Intermediate Women: Gold - Kathrin MACAK, Bronze - Nia DOHERTY

The Boondall Figure Ice Skating Club (BFISC) is a figure skating club located in the northern suburbs of Brisbane, Australia.


It was established in 1995 and is affiliated with Ice Skating Queensland, the governing body for figure skating in the state.


The club offers a range of skating programs to help members develop their skills and interests, and supports skaters at various levels, including Aussie Skate, Junior, and Senior.


Many of its members have gone on to participate in national and international competitions, as well as ice shows and performances. BFISC regularly holds competitions, events, and fundraisers to bring together members and their families.

BFISC Mission Statement


  1. Providing a safe and supportive environment for skaters to develop their skills and reach their full potential.

  2. Offering access to top-quality coaching, training, and performance opportunities, and promoting the growth and improvement of skaters at all levels.

  3. Ecouraging the development of sportsmanship, teamwork, and leadership skills in skaters.

  4. Fostering a strong sense of community among members and promoting a positive club culture.

  5. Securing key sponsorships and financial resources to support ongoing development programs and initiatives.

  6. Staying at the forefront of industry developments and innovations, and continuously working to enhance the club's facilities and programs.

  7. Encouraging the involvement and engagement of members, families, and supporters in club activities and initiatives.

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