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Membership Information



The Boondall Figure Ice Skating Club Membership renewal is due by 5PM, 28th February annually. Notification will be sent to current members via email 2-3 weeks before and the week before renewal is due. It is requested all membership is completed online.


One year membership to BFISC entitles the member to participate in all club sanctioned events such as competitions, tests and exhibitions.



Announcement of Membership Campaign for 2024



Shall be at least 18 years of age. They shall enjoy all privileges and activities of the BFISC.




The member shall be under the age of 18. The applicant must have a parent/ guardian which is included in the fee. The Junior member shall enjoy all privileges and activities of the BFISC. The parent/ guardian shall enjoy all privileges of the BFISC.

Renewals are made via the online form from the membership page of the website or directly through the button adjacent.

Please note the categories for 2023 are:

Category A:      Senior Membership (18 years and over) $95.00

Category B:      Junior Membership plus 1 Parent/Guardian $110.00

                          *Additional Junior Family Member $50.00

Category C:      Aussie Skate Membership (17 years and under) $50.00   

Category D:      Additional parent/guardian $75.00


You will need your membership number to complete the renewal form.

It is a condition of BFISC membership that members (per skater) are required to provide 4 hours of volunteering per skater per year.


You may pay using the following methods: Payment via Paypal (please ask us if you need assistance)


A first junior member must have at least 1 parent/guardian with full names and date of birth of the junior, with address and e-mail completed.


All Members should read and become familiar with the "Etiquette On The Ice" document and read carefully about conditions of membership !

(pdf in download Menu).

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