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BFISC Competitions 

BFISC run 5 Competitions locally at Boondall each year. First there is the Spin and Jump (February) , there are 2 Artistic (March and May), and 2 Figure (May and July) see each competition detailed below.


Our club members volunteer to run these competitions to enable our skaters to better their skills, grow as skaters, perform in front of a Judging panel to receive scores and feedback, and showcase their talent to family and friends.


ISQ nominate the Judging Panel for each competition.


For a Calendar of all competitions in Queensland 


For the calendar for other Australian events

For Calendars for International events


Smaller competitions like our Artistic Competitions, the results are recorded manually, and kept on file, however for all larger competitions (all figure competitions) results are recorded using the ISJ system. These results are uploaded to the ISQ website.


For all ISQ Competition Results Click Here


BFISC Spin & Jump Competition 

Friday 9th February 2024

BFISC Sunshine Challenge

Saturday 16th March 2024

BFISC Towne Family Trophy

Wednesday 8th May & Thursday 9th May, 2024

BFISC Artistic Competition

Saturday 11th May 2024

BFISC Club Championships

Wednesday 24th July,

Thursday 25th July and

Thursday 1st August 2024

Click Below for ISQ Calender 2024

Michelle O'Grady Memorial Trophy

Awarded at Club Championships each yearthe Michelle O’Grady Memorial Trophy is a club award for the skater 10yrs and under who competes in a division Preliminary and above. It is awarded to the skater with the highest skating skills mark.


As a coach Michelle O'Grady focused on nurturing our younger skaters. The importance of strong skating skills was something that Michelle felt very strongly about, which is why this trophy was established in her name. 

Winner 2012 - Hayley Dean

Winner 2013 - Emily-Jean Kelly

Winner 2014 - Georgia Stevens

Winner 2015 - Georgia Stevens

Winner 2016 - Sienna Kaczmarczyk

Winner 2017 - Abbey Dobson

Winner 2018 - Hattie Meadows

Winner 2019 - Hattie Meadows

Winner 2020 - Hattie Meadows

Winner 2021 - Sianna Tarbuck

Winner 2022 - Dwight Kaptich

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